AI Empowered Marketing Mix approach for Tracking In-flight Campaign Performance

Marketing Mix Optimization helps estimate the impact of past marketing campaigns on sales/footfalls and recommend the right mix of budget among marketing tactics for future period.

Business Challenges

  1. What is Return on Investment (ROI) of different media, competitor media and promotions on sales/footfalls?
  2. How to quantify the impact of in-flight campaigns and provide real-time/near real-time insights?
  3. What is optimal-mix of investment to maximize target KPI across brands/categories?
  4. What is long-term impact of media investments?
  5. How do media investment impact the brand metrics like Awareness, Penetration and Loyalty etc.

How does InvoLead Help?

  1. InvoLead uses advanced Machine Learning approaches to estimate the impact of marketing tactics on Sales KPIs.
  2. Advanced approaches like Structural Equation Model (SEM) and Bayesian Network Model used to establish interaction impaction across media channels and media campaigns
  3. InvoLead team uses advanced Machine Learning approaches to estimate the in-flight campaigns and helps creating analytic driven real-time media plans for better Revenue and conversion
  4. Provides UI based scenario planning to create What-if Scenarios, Spend Based Optimizations and Goal based Optimization scenarios
  5. Helps in identifying the week level optimal spending or Impression at marketing channel level

Potential Benefits

  1. Improve ROI in the range of 5% -15% annually
  2. Reduce media cost by 3% – 10%
  3. Improve Revenue or Footfalls by 2% – 10%
  4. Robust Media planning for Brands and Categories