Retail industry is the most dynamic industry in current times and AI helps in deeper understanding of the customer behaviour and their purchasing patterns. Our ultra-intelligent AI solutions will help you in optimizing the entire consumer funnel to drive higher business KPIs

Customer Segmentation

Our Solution embedding advanced Machine Learning techniques can identify patterns and behaviours among customers to convert them in few customer segments. This help in implementing customer engagement strategies at segment level.

  • Help to understand customer behaviour with deeper insights
  • Identify the best campaigns to be targeted for each customer segment
  • Build a behaviour driven customer experience
  • Communicate via preferred channel at best times
  • Identify offers and content to solve real pain points

Marketing Mix Optimization

Our Marketing Measurement solution manages marketing mix workflow including granular insights, near real-time refreshes & easy to use What-If simulation and optimization capabilities. Market Mix Optimization enables marketers to better plan and execute marketing activities by quantifying the effectiveness, interactions, and efficiency of Marketing investments.
Our solution focuses on persona based actionable insights which helps CMO/brand managers to take strategic decisions, and campaign managers to take better informed tactical decisions

Assortment Optimization

Keeping the right products is very important for the Retailer as the demand for products is not static. Our tailored made solution with help you in identifying the right set of products/SKUs to be kept in the stores and this will help you in avoiding the stock-outs. Our solution will also identify the attribute trade-off among items, halo and cannibalization impact and transfer demand etc. This will help in improving the overall Revenue and margin at store level.

Sales Decomposition

Our solution on Sales Decomposition is a state-of-the-art Machine Learning enable solution that leverages internal and external data sources to quantify the impact on Sales / Traffic. We will empower you to understand distinct fuels of future growth by applying AI solutions at scale to gain a holistic view of the ‘drivers’ of growth.

Customer Satisfaction Analysis

Our sophisticated solution will analyse customer centric data and measure the current customer satisfaction (CSAT) score. Help in discovering the drivers of positive customers satisfaction that will help in nurturing healthy customer relationship. Our solution will help in:

  • Measuring the CSAT score and its impact on Revenue and other KPIs
  • Detect and fix the root causes of poor customer feedback
  • Develop services based on customer needs

Trade Promotion Optimization

In today’s world, consumers are switching brands and products at unprecedented rates which making promotions more important and hence it is important to understand what products to promote, which mechanics are most & least effective and at which depth of discounts.

Our AI-driven solution helps you understand the root cause of true source of volume – i.e. what is the true impact of promotion treating within portfolio cannibalization, competition, pantry loading, market consumption etc.

Instead of reinventing the wheel, we are bringing in the platform agnostic, fully automated, modularized, customizable advanced econometric & ML based best-in-class superfast modelling engine which is capable of even building store level models within business decision timeline.