Revenue Growth Management

Our integrated Revenue Growth Management solution is designed to assist you the holistic revenue growth to your brands, categories, and products! Our Revenue Growth management capability is empowered by Deep Expertise and Pre-built, automated, customizable & superfast best-in class model engine.

Trade Promotion Optimization

In today’s world, consumers are switching brands and products at unprecedented rates which making promotions more important and hence it is important to understand what products to promote, which mechanics are most & least effective and at which depth of discounts.

Our AI-driven solution helps you understand the root cause of true source of volume – i.e. what is the true impact of promotion treating within portfolio cannibalization, competition, pantry loading, market consumption etc.

Instead of reinventing the wheel, we are bringing in the platform agnostic, fully automated, modularised, customizable advanced econometric & ML based best-in-class superfast modelling engine which is capable of even building store level models within business decision timeline.

Pricing & Pack Price Architecture

Pricing is important for any business as it has the power to steer or destroy a company’s operating margins & revenue. In today’s heavy competitive world, it is utmost important to keep your product at the right price depending on what you want to achieve – Maximizing your profit OR maximize Revenue OR maximizing a blended Profit & Revenue.
Our AI-driven solution helps you optimize the product price for better pricing strategy by assessing brand ladders, competitor pricing ladders and evaluating regular price elasticities.
We back ourselves with deeper Pricing knowledge which adds value to insights empowered by sophisticated platform agnostic best-in-class advanced ML model engine.

Channel Mix Management

It is highly important to understand best product mix to offset margin pressure, portfolio simplification based on customer’s demand and change in shopper behaviours. Truly incremental SKUs to be recommended to form a channel-wise optimal category portfolio.

Our highly-evolved, Machine Learning based portfolio optimization solution can help you to determine optimal portfolio mix and much more!.

Dynamic Pricing

Dynamic Pricing is becoming strategic priority for C-suite to drive smart revenue management. Given today’s unpredictable market and to capture consumer’s willingness-to-pay, automated intelligent price setting and frequent price changes is the key for future success.

Our Dynamic Pricing solution empowered by AI & Machine Learning, optimizes pricing levers in real time to grow consumer demand and maximize revenue growth by delivering real-time insights based on market signals, competitive intelligence, changes in consumer preferences and buying behaviour.