BI & Dashboards

We create powerful dashboards that helps the client new insights and more informed decisions. We have the team of experts who trending technologies and have experience in every BI solution, tools and platforms.

Descriptive Summary Dashboard

We create strong descriptive data dashboards for the client using the provided information and extract the polished information from the data.

We have experience in connecting BI solutions with Hadoop, Red Shift, Azure Data Lake etc. We help in visualizing the complex and varied data and helps in getting the clarity on the information lies.

Predictive Summary Dashboard

We expertise in creating powerful dashboards from the analytical model results. These dashboards give an overview of the model performance, KPI decomposition view and other strategic insights at high level as well as granular level with great user experience and interaction focus.

Prescriptive Dashboard

Prescriptive Dashboard is very important for the business point view. We create powerful prescriptive dashboards which provide insights as well action plans and next steps. We help the client in connecting the dots between how the data and model performs and what should be next action plan to improve business KPIs.