Telecom industry is one of growing industry with emphasis new technologies. InvoLead will help in driving better customer engagement, improving customer satisfaction and increasing marketing ROI by using advanced AI solutions.

Customer Churn Analytics

Customer is valuable and losing a customer is very costly. So early churn prediction and prevention are crucial for the business. Our advanced solution will detect the churn risk customers with predictive models and help the business to prevent churn. The benefits of our advanced solution:

  • Identify the customers with high risk of churn
  • Detect dissatisfaction patterns to mitigate exposure
  • Identify the lost customers with high win back potential

Marketing Mix Optimization

Our Marketing Measurement solution manages marketing mix workflow including granular insights, near real-time refreshes & easy to use What-If simulation and optimization capabilities. Market Mix Optimization enables marketers to better plan and execute marketing activities by quantifying the effectiveness, interactions, and efficiency of Marketing investments.

Our solution focuses on persona based actionable insights which helps CMO/brand managers to take strategic decisions, and campaign managers to take better informed tactical decisions.

Customer Satisfaction Analysis

Our sophisticated solution will analyse customer centric data and measure the current customer satisfaction (CSAT) score. Help in discovering the drivers of positive customers satisfaction that will help in nurturing healthy customer relationship. Our solution will help in:

  • Measuring the CSAT score and its impact on Revenue and other KPIs
  • Detect and fix the root causes of poor customer feedback
  • Develop services based on customer needs