The COVID-19 outbreak has created a massive emerging change in human behaviour which forced CPG industries to think how it impacts consumer’s consumption behaviour, are consumers becoming price sensitive? What would be the best strategy to sell your products? Our AI driven best-in-class tailor-made and customizable solutions will help you succeed and optimize your business KPIs.

Trade Promotion Optimization

Optimize dollar spent on consumer promotions across products, mechanics, depth of discounts to maximize business KPIs. Understand what products to promote, which mechanics are most & least effective and at which depth of discounts.

Our AI-driven solution helps you understand the root cause of true source of volume – i.e. what is the true impact of promotion treating within portfolio cannibalization, competition, pantry loading, market consumption etc.

Our simulation and optimization based on non-linear & convex algorithm, helps business to determine optimal spending level across products, mechanics and Depth of Discounts level.

Pricing & Pack Price Architecture

In today’s heavy competitive world, it is utmost important to keep your product at the right price depending on what you want to achieve – Maximizing your profit OR maximize Revenue OR maximizing a blended Profit & Revenue.

Our AI-driven solution helps you optimize the product price for better pricing strategy by assessing brand ladders, competitor pricing ladders and evaluating regular price elasticities.

We back ourselves with deeper Pricing knowledge which adds value to insights empowered by sophisticated platform agnostic best-in-class advanced ML model engine.

Sales Forecast Improvement

Get advanced analytics solutions from InvoLead to better predict demand, increase forecast accuracy and optimize resource allocation. Our Demand Forecasting solution will be aligned with your ambition and requirements, helping you become more data-driven and increase forecast accuracy. Our approach leverages AI algorithm with ‘reinforcement learning’ to learn from the planner’s decisions (and the outcome) and propose best fit forecast.

Channel Mix Management

It is highly important to understand best product mix to offset margin pressure, portfolio simplification based on customer’s demand and change in shopper behaviours. Truly incremental SKUs to be recommended to form a channel-wise optimal category portfolio.

Our highly-evolved, Machine Learning based portfolio optimization solution can help you to determine optimal portfolio mix and much more!

Marketing Spend Effectiveness & Campaign Planning

Our Marketing Measurement solution manages marketing mix workflow including granular insights, near real-time refreshes & easy to use What-If simulation and optimization capabilities. Market Mix Optimization enables marketers to better plan and execute marketing activities by quantifying the effectiveness, interactions, and efficiency of Marketing investments across channels, consumer segments and marketing channels.