Pharma and healthcare industry is one of most growing industry in the current time and our AI driven solutions will help in driving more values for the clients. Our tailer-made solutions help to optimize the strategy for HCPs in driving TRx.

HCP Segmentation

Our Solution embedding advanced Machine Learning techniques can identify patterns and behaviours among HCPs to convert them in few HCP segments or HCP micro-segments. This help in implementing HCP engagement strategies at segment/micro-segment level.

  • Help to understand HCP behaviour with deeper insights
  • Identify the best strategies to be targeted for each HCP segment
  • Communicate via preferred visits/channels at best times

Marketing Mix Optimization

Our Marketing Measurement solution manages marketing mix workflow including granular insights, near real-time refreshes & easy to use What-If simulation and optimization capabilities. Market Mix Optimization enables marketers to better plan and execute marketing activities by quantifying the effectiveness, interactions, and efficiency of Marketing investments.

Our solution focuses on persona based actionable insights which helps CMO/brand managers to take strategic decisions, and campaign managers to take better informed tactical decisions

Demand Forecasting

Get advanced analytics solutions from InvoLead to better predict demand of drugs, increase forecast accuracy and optimize resource allocation. Our Demand Forecasting solution will be aligned with your ambition and requirements, helping you become more data-driven and increase forecast accuracy. Our approach leverages AI algorithm with ‘reinforcement learning’ to learn from the planner’s decisions (and the outcome) and propose best fit forecast.

Next Best Action for HCP

Our AI based solution will analyse HCPs and their speciality in robust manner and recommend the action plan to be undertaken. This will help in improving the conversion and at the same time will reduce the cost per conversion. Our solution will help in the followings:

  • Improve the Probability of writing targeted product TRx
  • Recommend the Next Best Action at HCP level
  • Recommend the Optimal Frequency of Targeting
  • Provide the optimal sequence of Targeting at HCP level